Rebecca, Wolfgang--Thanks
You make a good point--one I can get behind, as it would be me doing the
extra work ;-)
Like you said, I think the others were saying the same thing... You just
said it in a way that hit home.

Our writers are all American, but the majority of people in our company
(and more than half of our customers) are of international origin. We
were hired to make everything look like it comes from the U.S. But, then
sometimes we get flack for "Americanizing" everything. We thought the
page size thing might be an issue that would give us grief.

I would be fine with the scenario you describe--hope I can sell it to
the rest of the company. Thanks!

melanie raney

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> Hi Melanie
> Why do you need the PDF to be the right size? On screen, it 
> *really* doesn't matter whether it's A4 or letter, and as the 
> others said, printers cope, so anyone who prints your work 
> won't lose any of it. Unless you really need your users to be 
> able to print at 100% with good-looking margins, I can't see 
> any reason not to just ignore the issue. Just make sure 
> everything works okay at 94%.
> We deliver A4 PDFs worldwide. No-one in the US has ever 
> complained. Likewise, I print US documents on an A4 printer 
> and don't remember having problems for years. It may annoy a 
> few of your readers, but I doubt that it annoys enough people 
> to be worth the extra work you'd have to put in.
> Cheers, Rebecca
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