I'd like to add: 
I had an extremely interesting case a while back that was driving me nuts 
because I couldn't find the missing font.
I had done everything that Fred suggested, as well as making sure that I was 
using Acrobat Distiller as my printer driver. 
I also saved the file as MIF, so that I wouldn't miss the font **anywhere** in 
the file. Of course, it was not in the MIF file. 
In the end, I isolated the problem by cutting out chunks of text until I 
located the offender. 
It was a cross reference to the *name* of another FM file not included in my 
current book file that was using the missing font.  ( I don't recall if the 
specific *name* was using the font, or it was just missing from the other 
Once I save the other file without "remember missing fonts name" on, the 
problem was solved.

Good Luck, 

Orly Zimmerman
Technical Writer
Tadiran Telecom LTD
orly.zimerman at tadirantele.com <mailto:orly.zimerman at tadirantele.com>

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> Missing fonts can lurk in lots of unexpected places that cannot be
> found with a simple Find operation. For example, Find only searches
> the current view--typically the body pages. To search the master
> pages and the reference pages, you have to switch to each of
> those views before initiating the Find. The font(s) may also be
> specified in paragraph formats or character formats that you don't
> actually use in the document. And then there are the obscure
> places, like embedded graphics (no way to search those) and in
> table formats (one must remember that each table format embeds
> the formatting of the title and of each cell in the heading row,
> footing row, table title, and first body row, even if those formats
> are no longer defined in the paragraph catalog or character catalog.
> When you open a file that has missing fonts, the substitution
> normally only applies to the screen display--the original font
> specifications remain intact in the file itself when you close or save
> the file. But there *is* an option in the Preferences dialog that
> changes this behavior. It's called "Remember missing font names"
> and it is turned on by default because it is normally a very good
> feature (particularly if you are working on files that have to move
> back and forth among Windows and UNIX or Mac platforms). If
> you disable that option before opening a file with missing fonts,
> FrameMaker will display a different message upon opening, one
> that ask you to confirm that you wish to make a permanent font
> substitution. If you confirm and open the file, the file's format
> definitions will be updated as necessary, and if you then save
> the file you make those substitutions permanent. When you're
> don, remember to turn the "Remember..." preference back on,
> because it really ius a good thing.
> But you should note that this process may or may not make the
> substitution in each and every place where a font may lurk. In
> some cases, the only way of completely eliminating a missing font
> is to save the document as MIF and do a Find/Change for the
> missing font name(s) in the MIF file, which is in a text rather> 
> than binary format.
> My opinions only; I don't speak for Intel.
> Fred Ridder
> Intel
> Parsipany, NJ
> >From: "Roger Bell" <RBell at vcgsoftware.com>
> >To: <framers at lists.frameusers.com>
> >Subject: Missing Fonts
> >Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2006 09:59:28 -0400
> >
> >Hello,
> >
> >I am new to this list and relatively new to FM and have recently started
> >working for my current employer. They have some old FM documents that
> >originated years ago.
> >
> >When we open some of these older documents, a warning message appears
> >about missing fonts and that FM will substitute fonts. We do not want to
> >purchase the missing fonts. Rather, we want to permanently update our
> >documents to new available fonts.
> >
> >When I try to search and replace a font once the document opens, I
> >receive the message that the font isn't found. I guess because FM has
> >already substituted. Is this a catch-22, or is there a way to fix it
> >short of buying the missing fonts?
> >
> >Thanks
> >Roger
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