Howard Rauch asked:

> Ths is perhaps an elementary question. I have to finish a project off-site. I 
> am using another person's computer, but working on my own  computer through 
> remote access. I need to distill a book to PDF, but the computer I am using 
> does not have all the fonts. "Remember Missing Font Names" is turned on. If I 
> distill the book on this computer and send the file to the offset printer, 
> will the correct fonts be included int printed document? Or am I better off 
> waiting until I can distil the book on my own computer?

FrameMaker's "remember missing font names" feature allows you to work on the 
*content* of a document, but you can only properly finish and publish the 
document on a system that has all the specified fonts installed on it. When you 
are working in "missing fonts" mode, FrameMaker does not have access to the 
font metrics (the glyph dimensions) for the proper font, so it can only use the 
metrics for the substitution font, which will allways be slightly different. 
And when you remember that a small difference in the font metrics can make any 
given line break one word earlier or later, and that a line break change can 
affect the length of the paragraph, and a change in the length of a paragraph 
can affect where the page breaks, and changes in page breaks can add up to push 
large objects like figures to different pages and even throw off what page the 
following chapter starts on. The final pagination and generated file update and 
the generation of the PS/PDF *must* be performed on a system that has the 
proper fonts installed. If you make a PostScript file on the "missing fonts" 
system, the PostScript and any PDF that is distilled from it will only contain 
the substitution font and will not match a PDF of the book that is created on 
the properly configured system.

-Fred Ridder

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