Actually, I am building an automatically-generate LOF from the book file. 
In the set up, I designate the tag zzFigureTitle as the paragraph tag to 
be included.  I don't know how to explain other than to say zzFigureTitle 
is actually a paragraph tag within a paragraph tag.  For example, I will 
use a Body paragraph tag that has text and then I will insert the marker 
for the graphic - which is an anchored frame within a single cell table 
and I have set the title to be after the "table." The title has been 
assigned the zzFigureTitle paragraph tag.  Is that clear?

I did think about your recommendation because I remember Bernard Ashwaden 
making a similar recommendation to handle the problem of having 
tables/figures that start on a new page and needing to find a way to 
eliminate the spacing issue.

Since I sent out this question, I have received a few other 
recommendations.  Each one has its advantages and disadvantages 

Thanks for your help,

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Are you building an automatically generated List of Figures from your
book file, or are you manually building a list of cross-refs to the
Figure titles?

It sounds like the second (because the first method wouldn't involve
any cross-refs) ... and if that's the case, you're creating a sort of
a nested hierarchy starting with the paragraph, then the anchor point,
its anchored frame and finally, at the lowest level, the figure title.
The cross-reference is leading back to the object that contains the
nested reference, the parent paragraph.

You may be able to make it work better if you created a new para tag
called, for instance, Anchor, that contains no text of its own but
does hold the anchor point that is now in the text paragraph...

But I think the only way to really fix it is to switch to an actual
automatically generated list of figures.


On 6/27/06, Janice Cadel <jcadel at> wrote:
> I have a question about the nature of the hyperlink from the LOF to the
> figure.  Our figures are actually an anchored frame embedded within a
> single-cell table.  We place the marker for the figure at the end of the
> paragraph tag. For example, I may have a body tag that has a 3-sentence
> paragraph introducing the figure, and I insert the marker for the figure
> at the end of my text of that tag.  I then use the figure title as the
> xref for the LOF.  The figure title follows the figure. If I use the
> CTRL-ALT-Select option from the entry in the LOF, it goes to the 
> of the paragraph tag containing the marker for the figure.  My question 
> why doesn't it go to the figure title?
> Janice

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