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>I have a question about the nature of the hyperlink from the LOF to the
>figure.  Our figures are actually an anchored frame embedded within a
>single-cell table.  We place the marker for the figure at the end of the
>paragraph tag. For example, I may have a body tag that has a 3-sentence
>paragraph introducing the figure, and I insert the marker for the figure
>at the end of my text of that tag.  I then use the figure title as the
>xref for the LOF.  The figure title follows the figure. If I use the
>CTRL-ALT-Select option from the entry in the LOF, it goes to the beginning
>of the paragraph tag containing the marker for the figure.  My question is
>why doesn't it go to the figure title?

The hyperlink marker can point directly to the target paragraph
or to the page which includes the paragraph. This is controlled
through the reference page (in the case of LOF: it it the LOF
flow, ActiveLOF paragraph).

For direct linking to the paragraph, the ActiveLOF paragraph should have:
gotoObjectId <$relfilename>:<$ObjectType> <$ObjectId>

(in FrameMaker, openObjectId will open the target file in a new window;
but goto/open... are identical when converted to PDF)

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