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>Thanks, Shlomo. I now understand it better now, and I think my department 
>is fine with it opening to the top of the page at this time.   However, 
>when I changed the Reference Page from:  gotopage 
><$relfilename>:<$pagenum> to gotoObjectId <$relfilename>:<$ObjectType> 
><$ObjectId>, it didn't seem to work.  Did I do something wrong?

gotoObjectId <$relfilename>:<$ObjectType> <$ObjectId>
syntax is correct.

openObjectId <$relfilename>:<$ObjectType> <$ObjectId>
will do the same when going from FM to PDF.

When editing the reference page, make sure to have View > Text Symbols 
turned on. Also, make sure you edit the "right" *ActiveLOF paragraph (in 
some templates, there is more than one instance, only one of which is 
active). If you cannot figure out what is wrong, please send me the LOF file.

Shlomo Perets

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