Using FM7.0p578 on WinXP

I have a situation which I don't think is so unusual, and yet I can't
seem to figure out how to get FM to handle it. 

Our TOC page numbering begins on iii and goes as long as it has to,
ending on an even page.

Our Chapter 1 begins on the next page after the TOC page. So if the TOC
is eight pages (iii-x), then the first page of Chapter 1 is 11.

Looking at FM's Numbering Properties dialog, Page tab, at first glance,
it would appear that I need to use Continue Numbering from Previous Page
in Book, but then the first page in Chapter 1 is numbered xi, even if I
set it to Numeric.  

To my knowledge, the only way around this problem is to use First Page
and manually set the value to <number of pages in TOC + 3>, in this 11,
and set the style to Numeric.

This solution becomes cumbersome when publishing conditional books.  For
example, I need to produce six books from the same set of source files.
The number of pages in the TOC can change from 6 to 8 to 10 depending on
which book I am publishing, so I have to manually reset the Page
Numbering Properties for Chapter 1 each time I publish version of the

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