I don't want to disillusion you prematurely, but Save As pdf and Distiller still
don't work reliably with the patch. May not crash, but the only solidly reliable
way to distill is still to print to a PS file and distill manually (I was on 7.1
for more than a year and just hopped to 7.2 .


On 3/6/06, Roger Shuttleworth <rshuttleworth at activplant.com> wrote:
> Hi Art
> Actually, uninstalling Distiller is recommended in the documentation for
> the p116 patch, so it doesn't come in the "unrelated software" category.
> And I do have Admin rights on this machine.
> Anyway, I spoke to Adobe, and after being passed around for 50 minutes
> the suggestion was (i) to re-boot with only MS services loading, or (ii)
> reinstall FM. The first option accomplished nothing, so there's a
> reinstall in my near future.
> FWIW, the reason why I'm keen to install this patch is because it fixes
> a tendency to crash when you Save As Adobe PDF or print to Distiller. I
> can assure anyone who's interested that this really does happen. 8^(
> Thanks for your help, anyway.
> <sigh>
> Roger

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