Hi Art

Have you dropped the Graphic "Print Quality" setting of your Distiller printer 
(in both places in the printer properties)? We had to drop ours to 300dpi to 
solve that problem, but it's been a permanent reliable fix.

Cheers, Rebecca

>>> "Art Campbell" <art.campbell at gmail.com> 8/03/06 04:05 >>>
Certainly not a problem if it works for you.

With any method except the PS-to-PDF, I get blocks of missing text, usually
beginning and ending where a font attribute changes. It'd be fatal if
I didn't have
the full Distiller version, but as long as I have a work-around....
Also, although
I haven't checked lately, the two-step used to be the only method Dov
Isaacs, Adobe's
FM-to-PDF guru recommended.


On 3/6/06, Jeremy H. Griffith <jeremy at omsys.com> wrote:
> On Mon, 6 Mar 2006 17:10:41 -0500, "Art Campbell"
> <art.campbell at gmail.com> wrote:
> >I don't want to disillusion you prematurely, but Save As
> >pdf and Distiller still don't work reliably with the patch.
> >May not crash, but the only solidly reliable way to distill
> >is still to print to a PS file and distill manually (I was
> >on 7.1 for more than a year and just hopped to 7.2 .
> I'm a little puzzled.  I've always known that SaveAs PDF
> was a Bad Idea, but the method I use is not manual either.
> It's Print, to the Adobe PDF (or Distiller, pre-6.0) printer.
> This is a one-click process that always works for me.  I've
> never done it in two steps.  Is there some problem with this?

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