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Subject: OT: Unbelievable On-Line Help Stupidity

I was helping a friend who'd just acquired her first computer, an
E-Machine with Windows XP.

I was demonstrating how to get help, and showed how she could type in a
search phrase and get a list of all the help topics containing that
phrase. So, to demonstrate how to properly shut down the computer, I
entered the search phrase "Turn Off." Sure enough, all the help topics
containing that phrase appeared, and I selected the"Turn Off The
Computer" topic. Here are the instructions which appeared under that

"Click Start, click Shut Down, and then in the drop-down list click Shut

The only part of that instruction which is correct is "Click Start."

o There is no Shut Down option under Start. It's called "Turn Off

o There is no drop-down list under the "Turn Off Computer" dialog.
Instead, there are 3 buttons.

o There is no button option under "Turn Off Computer" called "Shut Down"
Instead there are three button
options: "Stand By", "Turn Off", and "Restart."

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