At 12:11 -0500 10/3/06, Gagne, Bernard (Bolton) wrote:

>Personally, I find the whole idea of clicking "Start" to shutdown somewhat
>counter-intuitive, and could somebody tell me why I have to use the
>"three-finger salute" to get my login screen in XP Pro? Once I power up,
>what else could I possibly want to do with my computer? It should
>automatically default to the login screen.

Only three fingers, Bernard? Count yourself lucky. I've just been trying to 
capture a screenshot of an M$ Access mouse cursor that's only visible while 
licking and dragging. I discovered that to trigger SnagIt (shift-control-P) 
whilst manipulating the mouse, I needed three hands. After attempting to press 
keys with my nose, and considering enlisting the help of one of my cats, I 
eventually managed it by holding down the shift and control keys with an empty 
coffee mug.

(Ok, I know SnagIt can do timed captures, but I only thought about that 
afterwards. Duh!)

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