> Just wondering if anyone out there has used the open source 
> Tortoise CVS with Frame files?

I've been using it for a few years now.  It was always good, but the
version that came out maybe a year ago fixed some little problems,
especially with the images in icons, and now it's great.

We're already a CVS shop, with everyone using WinCVS or the CVS support
in Eclipse for code.  The one thing that Tortoise does better is that in
WinCVS, I had to be very careful to initially add binary files and text
files with the binary or text add, and if I added a .fm as text, I had
to go back, delete, commit, add again, and commit, which was a pain.
With Tortoise, I just right click on a bunch of stuff and add, and it
figures out what's binary and what's not.

The fact that it colors the icons to show you what is and isn't checked
out is also a big plus.  And for whatever reason, it's a lot easier to
just right-click on files and do stuff like check the history on a file,
rather than fire up another application and do it the old way.


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