I don't have the summary you requested, but if your XML documents 
round-trip, yes, definitely use XML in your versioning system. Just make 
sure to keep track of the version of all application files (DTD, template, 
r/w rules, application definition file, and of FrameMaker itself) used with 
each document.
   And there is growing support in content management systems for XML.

At 05:41 AM 3/15/2006, Donald.M.Rinderknecht wrote:
>Content Management and Versioning is a recurring topic on Framers. Does 
>anyone have a summary of systems that are compatible with Frame?
>Also, instead of using binary files, would it be possible to use MIF or, 
>if in a completely structured environment, XML in the CVS to keep track of 
>differences down to the 'element' level?
>Don Rinderknecht
>Warning Decision Training Branch
>Norman, OK
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