Wow- thanks for all the great responses! I guess my questions were just around 
how stable it was when using binary files. That is a good point about the disk 
space- I'll be sure to mention it to my IT guy. Other than that, I think I'm 
going to go for it...unless someone lets me know that Frame 7.1 is working well 
with WebDAV natively...


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I use TortoiseCVS with Frame files. I mark both .fm and .book files
as binary, so that each time I check in the entire file is replaced, and
I don't use CVS Diff. Otherwise, everything works smoothly.

What specific questions do you have?


At 07:58 AM 3/14/2006, Neil Tubb wrote:
>Just wondering if anyone out there has used the open source Tortoise CVS
>with Frame files? I'm looking into it as a way to introduce some simple
>version control for our cust docs (just simple check-in,
>check-out...obviously no merges or anything like that). Any info would
>be appreciated.

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