Hi Neil,

Yes, I am using Tortoise with fm files.

I work with them in the following manner.

Firstly, I need you to know that I work with developers wherein the complete
code is managed by CVS and the code build is ant 1.6.5 based.
Torotoise is used more because it integrates directly into explorer.exe of
windows or let me say that there is shell integration. Thus, I do not need
to invoke the contemporary GUI based WinCVS 2.0 or 1.4.

I exclude my source files from the build so that the other developers do not
need to extend their build time by checking out the sources they do not need
to work on. And, my deliverables are manually updated in a separate folder
(included in the build) so that these get automatically picked for the
installer. Also, since we use an asynchronous build, I have to keep in mind
the final destination of my PDF (say) so as to use relative paths in
hypertexts included in the PDF).

Please feel free to query me (directly, keeping this group in CC) should you
encounter a problem.

Also, it is good to work on fms with CVS (Win or tortoise) everyday and
checkin all sources and deliverables at EOD.

Thank you,

Shall Close,


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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone out there has used the open source Tortoise CVS
with Frame files? I'm looking into it as a way to introduce some simple
version control for our cust docs (just simple check-in,
check-out...obviously no merges or anything like that). Any info would
be appreciated.




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