Got both of my first two questions answered quickly, so let me continue on 
question #2.  I am required by the FAA on any documentation that I produce 
to mark the blank page at the end of the chapter with the phrase 
"INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK". Right now, the writers simply manually hit 
return a couple of times and use a paragraph tag called Blank Page that 
aligns the tag in the center of the page and sets the font to uppercase, 
bold, arial, 10 point. The problem is that not all writers place the 
phrase consistently in the same location on a blank page either within 
their own documents or across their documents and I want to make this 

I have started this process with making a graphic called Blank Page - it 
contains the words intentionally left blank - that's all.  I have used 
this graphic on a reference page and set it up so that when I apply it as 
a Frame Below a paragraph tag called Blank Page, it is centered beneath 
the paragraph tag, which is also centered on the page. The only thing - 
when I place this tag on a blank page, I want to place it so that the tag 
is centered top/bottom on the blank page - otherwise, we just run into the 
same problem we had before - consistently moving the graphic now (instead 
of free text) to the same vertical alignment on a blank page.

Right now, I have it kinda' kludged  - it's a two-step process where the 
users manually place a BlankPage_Step1 tag at the top of the blank page 
(which is always a left hand page), then press return and the next 
paragraph tag is automatically the BlankPage tag which has a space above 
set to 120 pts and the graphic centered.  I want to do this in one step 
(if I am making any sense and if it is even possible). When a user clicks 
at the top of the blank page, I want them to be able to click BlankPage 
and have the tag automatically be placed in the center of the page, but 
other than working with space above a tag (which means having another tag 
first), I cant' figure out a way to do this.



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