Anne Robotti wrote:
>> Why not put your Blank Page text in its own frame on a special master
>> page and then use Apply Master Pages to apply it whenever a Blank Page
>> tag is used?
> Stuart, I just wanted to mention that when I did this, I ran into a
> problem with the pages that were added due to the "Make Page Count Even"
> setting. These were always the pages that needed the Blank Page master
> page, but Frame wouldn't let me set a master page for them. Possibly I
> was doing something wrong, it certainly wouldn't be the first time.
> Anne

I'm not sure why you had a problem. I just tried it on a doc with Make 
Page Count Even, and whether I used an empty pgf tagged "BlankPage" 
coupled with Apply Master Pages, or whether I just set the Master Page 
Usage directly for the completely empty page, I got the right result.

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