A better trick that was told to me on the Adobe U2U forums, by I believe
Sheila Carlisle or maybe Peter Gold, several years ago was this:

Use master page mappings.

Create a new left master page. Call it "LeftAllTheTime" or something. Set it
up so that it is always used by pages that contain text, such as map it to
headings, body text, graphics anchors, etc.

Redefine the Left master page to contain only the "Page Left Blank" text.

Thus, when you update your document master page mappings, any page with real
text or graphics (etc.) uses the "LeftAllTheTime" master page. If there is
no such text, and the page count is made even, the Left master page will be
used by FrameMaker by default and will contain the correct text. If you
later add text, and the make-even page goes away, so too your "Page Left
Blank" text goes away.

This process is pretty automatic and error free.

On 3/22/06, Stuart Rogers <srogers at phoenix-geophysics.com> wrote:
> Anne Robotti wrote:
> >> Why not put your Blank Page text in its own frame on a special master
> >> page and then use Apply Master Pages to apply it whenever a Blank Page
> >> tag is used?


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