I'd really L*O*V*E to take credit for this cool idea, but unless I 
wrote it in a trance, I don't think it's mine.

However, I'd like to embellish it with this suggestion:

If you plan to use it, DOCUMENT it thoroughly in a tagged text frame 
(Flow: A, for example) on all master pages in the files that rely on 
it. Text in a tagged text frame doesn't appear in the body pages that 
employ the tagged frame. Because this technique works against the 
usual expected behavior, anyone new who may be trying to troubleshoot 
the files will thank you for the information. If you prefer, you can 
create a brief statement that points to the location of more detailed 
documentation about your customization, perhaps on a reference page 
of the file, or even in the comments column of the Apply Master Pages 
Mapping table itself.

At 3:46 PM -0500 3/22/06, T.W. Smith wrote:
>A better trick that was told to me on the Adobe U2U forums, by I believe
>Sheila Carlisle or maybe Peter Gold, several years ago was this:
>Use master page mappings.
>Create a new left master page. Call it "LeftAllTheTime" or something. Set it
>up so that it is always used by pages that contain text, such as map it to
>headings, body text, graphics anchors, etc.
>Redefine the Left master page to contain only the "Page Left Blank" text.
>Thus, when you update your document master page mappings, any page with real
>text or graphics (etc.) uses the "LeftAllTheTime" master page. If there is
>no such text, and the page count is made even, the Left master page will be
>used by FrameMaker by default and will contain the correct text. If you
>later add text, and the make-even page goes away, so too your "Page Left
>Blank" text goes away.
>This process is pretty automatic and error free.


Peter Gold
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