Steve Rickaby wrote: 

> Here's an example of a MIF fragment with a bad font name:
>  <Tbl
>   <TblID 49>
>   <TblTag `Objectives'>
>   <TblFormat 
>    <TblColumn 
>     <TblColumnNum 0>
>     <TblColumnWidth  32.0 pc>
>     <TblColumnH 
>      <PgfTag `Objectives'>
>      <Pgf 
>       <PgfFont 
>        <FTag `'>
>        <FPlatformName `M.Frutiger 55 Roman.P'>
>        <FFamily `Frutiger'>
>        <FVar `Regular'>
>        <FWeight `Roman'>
>        <FAngle `Regular'>
>        <FPostScriptName `Frutiger-Roman'> ... (etc)
> It's the 'Frutiger-Roman' that is triggering the missing font 
> error (amongst several others).

This is one of the most common hiding areas for fonts -- the table
format's _default properties_. When you create/update a table format, FM
remembers some non-format characteristics, including its column widths
and the pgf format in each cell. 

The last time you updated the Objectives table format, the instance from
which you updated contained an Objectives pgf in the first column, which
at that time used Frutiger. You may have since redefined the Objectives
pgf tag (or the use of Frutiger in that instance could have been an
override), but FM still retains the defaults for the table as it was
when last updated. 

To fix this, create a new instance of the Objectives table, set its
default properties the way you want future instances to appear when
created (number of columns, widths, pgf formats in heading and body
rows) and update the format. Repeat for other table formats with the
same problem. 


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