In one specific instance, in the MIF, FrameMaker is claiming that the table 
heading style for the unstructured master page maps table is LetterGothicMT and 
missing, when it's absolutely LetterGothicLT and present. Telling it to forget 
the 'missing' font converts the table heading font to TimesNewRomanPSMT - but 
the font is still correct and LetterGothicLT in the document.

Inserting a new unstruct master page table does not reveal any missing fonts.

This is all most confusing.

Here's the MIF...

  <TblID 14>
  <TblTag `UnstructMasterPageMaps'>
    <TblColumnNum 0>
    <TblColumnWidth  13.91412 pc>
     <PgfTag `TableHeading'>
       <FTag `'>
       <FPlatformName `M.TimesNewRomanPSMT.P'>
       <FFamily `Times New Roman'>
       <FVar `Regular'>
       <FWeight `Medium'>
       <FAngle `Regular'>
       <FPostScriptName `TimesNewRomanPSMT'>


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