At 15:55 -0600 24/3/06, Melanie Raney wrote:

>When I search the MIF for 'TimesNewRoman,' its still there in every
>table format. In the column definitions it says 'CellFooting' is applied
>to every cell in every footing row of all my table formats. Further, it
>thinks that the font for 'CellFooting' is TimesNewRoman, not my nice
>clean Frutiger 45 Light.
>Even weirder: in the ROW definitions in the MIF, it says my tags are
>applied in the footing row cells and shows my Frutiger font.

We've been around this loop a few times off-list, and enough for me to develop 
a strong suspicion that there are some lurking bugs in FrameMaker's table 
engine. There seem to be dark corners in table format definitions that don't 
get refreshed no matter how frequently you open the window and brush away the 

Can anyone remember the history of tables in early FrameMaker? Was the table 
engine perhaps a bought-in bolt-on like the equation editor? Or am I think of 
another application entirely?

At least I'm not alone with this irritation: Melanie sees it too.

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