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>...and of course I forgot to include the link the first time = ugh!

The writer of this piece is close when they write 'Some theorise that it is a 
*koan*, a statement devoid of meaning designed to bring the minds of those that 
read it to a higher state of being.' In fact, the point is that a completely 
blank page is representative of the Ultimate Void, a state of Complete 
Nothingness - and this scares those who have not yet reached the aforementioned 
higher state of being. A completely blank page just looks *wrong*, it's deeply 

I have more than often been asked to add an 'intentionally left blank' logo, 
because 'otherwise our readers will think it's a mistake'. The issue arises 
regularly with blank trailing pages of chapters of books where the chapter 
opener falls on a right-hand page.

So, folks, don't terrify your readers - at least add a page number, which can 
represent the sound of one hand clapping in the Void ;-)

If clients demand more, I suggest a legally-watertight non-contradictory 
construction along the lines of:

'This page is intentional left void of meaningful content other than this 
paragraph, which, for the avoidance of doubt, represents content that is 
intended to denote only the absence of content'.

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