Glad to possibly help you Art!

I had trouble with FrameMaker freezing and crashing while using Snagit 8.0.
Was using save Web URLs and scroll bar for the captured windows.

Updated to Snagit 8.01. Used .jpg instead of .png. Works ok in Frame 7.2.
When saving these images, get a message to save without the URLs. Can't use
scroll bar which is nice to take multiple pictures.

Here is admission of trouble from Techsmith:

Discussion Thread
Response (Melissa G.)
04/25/2006 09:10 AM
Nandini, are you using the FrameMaker 7.2 add-in for SnagIt? If so, we have
been running into problems with this. SnagIt is currently being tested in
our internal testing department for these compatibility issues (and a
resolution). You can try, for now, to run SnagIt from the system tray and
then pressing PrintScreen when you need to take a capture. Also, make sure
your notifications are turned off under tools > program preferences >
notification. Uncheck show all tips and show all balloon tips. Click apply >
ok to close the window.


Frankly, I am going to switch to 7.0 if the problems persist.

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I recently ran into a problem using .png graphics in files and after
kicking it around a
lot, think I may have found a bug either in FM's memory managment
(surprise!) or the
way it's handling graphics files.

* FM 7.2 / 158
* Windows XP SP2 with all patches
* Two machines, one with 2 M RAM, one with 3
* FM files and graphics on a network server

The symptoms were:
* Importing .png files by reference
* FM would occasionally display the "Gray Box" warning message
* It would always crash

It turned out the graphics I was using were big files that started
life on Nikon DSLRs, were massaged in Photoshop CS2, interpolated to
size, and were saved out as 300 dpi .png files for import.

The details are important, it turns out, because the files retained a
16-bit color depth
throughout. And that seems to be the thing that tripped FM up.

On a hunch, I knocked the .PNG files down to 8-bit depth in Photoshop
and resaved them and voila -- no crashes, no gray boxes, nothing at
all untoward.

I haven't tested this with other formats to see if the bit-depth is an
issue with other file formats, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were.


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