Something that doesn't throw away data. Snagit saves 8-bit .png which
works very nicely.


On 5/2/06, Nandini Garud <nandini at> wrote:
> Thanks Fred. This is the option suggested by IT: .jpg. So, what would you
> choose? Having to edit it in Photoshop is not an option for me. I don't have
> it!
> Nandini
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> JPEG is a very poor choice of file format for screen shots because it
> invariably produces artifacts ("smudginess") near text, lines, and
> other abrupt color transitions, which generally abound in screen shots.
> It is the only common file format that is subject to this kind of
> inherent
> degradation. JPEG was designed for *photographic* images where
> the number of abrupt transitions (edges) is relatively small and where
> the surface textures of the objects in the scene will mask the
> artifacts.
> Screen shots are *mostly* edges and there is nothing to conceal the
> artifacts.

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