I do number, but never below a fourth level ( I am not required 
to do so by spec or policy. I personally find when I read long manuals 
(e.g. a camcorder, digital camera, etc.) that when it is not numbered, I 
do not assimilate data as well because I lose the hierarchy of 
information. I need a structure into which to save information.

Thus, for my readers who may be similarly wired, I number the paragraphs. 
For those who don't need numbering, I doubt any find their understanding 
of the material to be harmed by the presence of paragraph numbers. So it 
seems, pretty much, win-win to use para. numbering.

The one exception was a manual that we were submitting for a CLIA waiver. 
It had to be written to a 7th grade level, and I used exaggerated font 
size changes to indicate paragraph levels (e.g. top level was 48 pt., 
second level was 24 pt., third level was 14 pt., and there was no fourth 

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Numbering Systems for Technical Service Manuals


When you write a Technical Manual do you number heads and sections with
1.1, 1.2, 1.2.1 etc. I have a manual which is essentially an API and
it's numbered that way. It looks very cluttered to me. By taking that
out and using conventional styles, it has an easier UI to me. 

What's the general consensus on numbering with the 1.1, 1.1.1, 1.2 type
of way? Is that generally history now, or is it actually still used a


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