I work for a VERY large, nationwide government contractor.  ALL of the
documentation within the company - literally a billion pages or more - uses
numbered headings.  Yes, some of the docs are written by engineers to other
engineers, but much of the product documentation goes to the customers, most
of whom are not engineers.  The same numbering scheme is used in Accounting,
HR, IT, and every department in the company.

The numbered headings make it easy for the reader to associate paragraphs
together and definitely makes anything in the doc faster to locate, whether
the doc is printed or online.  We use links in the online docs too, but they
are xrefs and include the numbered headings they refer to.


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Clearly, many types
of technical documentation other than
engineer-to-engineer documents are enhanced by using a
rational numbering scheme, and I cited many examples
in my initial reply.

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