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> I don't think it was necessary to single out my
> response and call what I
> said laughable. 
Your unqualified statement that the only people left
who use such numbering schemes are engineers
communicating with other engineers is what made it
laughable, because your statement itself was insulting
to the many technical disciplines where such numbering
schemes are considered essential. Clearly, many types
of technical documentation other than
engineer-to-engineer documents are enhanced by using a
rational numbering scheme, and I cited many examples
in my initial reply.

One could infer that your conclusion derives from the
fact that your millieu is restricted to on-line
help--the realm where shovelware reigns supreme. In
general, that regime only works when the product being
supported is some relatively simple piece of software,
and on-line help is only useful to beginners, who
would probably be better off if they could print a
complete manual that actually looks like a technical
manual when it is printed.

The general assumption of on-line help developers
seems to be that links are a substitute for a rational
numbering scheme. You may be surprised to learn that
there are vast realms in which selected technical
manual content must be printed out in order to
successfully carry out tasks, and thus links no longer
work. in those cases, a rational numbering scheme in
the printed portion replaces links as the method for
finding (and printing) referenced content.
That's an unnecessary insult.
Your statement itself insulted those who produce
technical content that is far superior to the typical
on-line help shovelware.
> As for this particular issue, I know of few writers
> and companies who advocate using numbered sections
as you suggest.
How many companies or writers do you know who work
outside the realm of on-line help shovelware?

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