I regularly have the same problem, mainly in documents imported from 
Word. Search works for 7 pages, then finds nothing more. I have no idea 
as to the cause of the problem (it is beyond my capacity to dive into 
word bugs, FrameMaker find bugs, and bugs resulting from the interaction 
of the two) . However I found out that by exporting the file to mif and 
then reimporting to Frame, everything settles down, and the find 
functions works again as it should.




Beck, Charles wrote:
> Hi fellow Framers,
> Got a new one I've never seen before: One of my local colleagues is
> working with a Frame file he inherited somewhere along the line. He did
> a search for a string that he *knows* is in the file. If the cursor is
> in the particular section where the string is when he starts the search,
> Find can locate it. However, if the cursor is anywhere *outside* that
> section, Find cannot locate it, acts as if it isn't even there. 
> After experimenting with it, we have come to the conclusion that there
> must be something in one of the section headers or something that is
> blocking attempts to search that section if the cursor is outside the
> section when the search is done. But we're really not certain. 
> The problem *seems* to be restricted to that one section, but there is
> no way to be absolutely sure, and that is our concern. What if there are
> other sections in this file or other files in this book that are doing
> the same thing? We often use strings of question marks to identify
> troublespots in the text that we need to fix and then search on them
> later. However, if the search engine does not find them, we run the risk
> of leaving such relics in the text. Even in "normal" usage, we run the
> risk of not finding strings that we are trying to fix. 
> We're using Frame 7.0 on Windows machines. 
> Has anyone else ever seen a problem like this? Can anyone give us any
> idea what might be going on here? 
> Please reply to me directly (even if replying to the list as well),
> because I get the posts in digest format. We'd like to address the
> problem today, if possible. 
> Thanks,
> Chuck
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