Hi Guy, 

OK, I checked with the writer in question, and he reported that what he
did was a copy-and-paste operation. But, to avoid the selection coming
in as an embedded Word object, he selected "Paste as Special" and then
selected the "Text" option. He was under the impression that that would
bring it in as plain (ASCII) text, but apparently not so. 

We are using Frame 7.0, so I can't say whether this same kind of problem
still exists in later versions. I rather suspect it does, though. 

Because we have a site license for Mif2Go, our writer is downloading and
trying Jeremy's "Wash Via MIF" plugin, even as we e-speak.

Personally, I have always just copied from Word, pasted into a temporary
Notepad doc, and then copied-and-pasted from there. That ensures that I
get clean text, though it does necessitate retagging the text copied in.
(However, since copying-and-pasting directly from Word usually
necessitates paragraph retagging anyway, this does not add that much
more to the process...) More time consuming, but safer, in my
experience. I haven't tried Jeremy's plugin yet.


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Might I ask how the original Word material was brought into FrameMaker? 
  That is, was it opened with File>Open and thus filtered in through
FrameMaker's own mechanisms?

And was this all in the context of FrameMaker 7.2, or was an older
version involved?

Some of our team will be facing the Word->Frame conversion soon, and
when I shared your info with them, they asked.

     Guy K. Haas
     Software Exegete in Silicon Valley

Beck, Charles wrote:
> Hi again all,
> Just wanted to let you all know that I received several replies, 
> including one with the correct remedy. Thought it might be of general 
> interest to the rest of the group.
> The tip of the hat goes to Alan Houser who asked whether there was any

> imported MS Word content in the file. Apparently, Word content can 
> include hidden control characters that can interfere with the Find 
> function. That was the case with our problem. Saving as MIF and then 
> reopening and saving as *.fm resolved the problem.
> Chuck

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