Hi, all.

Pardon the slightly unrelated to FrameMaker questions, but I am figure
I am not too far off the mark here, since you all are likely to be very
familiar with similar polices to what I describe here.

We are standardizing on a new policy that documents/files sent "outside"
the company must be in PDF form only. No Word or Excel (typically) or
FrameMaker (of course! :) ) files. And, obviously, it does not include
text e-mail!

This means that we must install PDF creation software on all our user
computers ... including laptops and ones that may not be connected to the
Internet at all times.

Acrobat Professional is too expensive a solution for this, plus it is
overkill for most of our employees. We have some people who only create
documents and files in Word or Excel for example.

Hence, my questions:

1. What are you all using for PDF file creation?

2. Does it allow forms? I.e., for external folks to fill in fields and
send back the form!

3. What would you recommend we do, if you were setting up a similar



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