Hi, Bill.

Bill Swallow wrote:
> If you have enough people who need to create PDFs by corporate
> mandate, look into setting up Adove Acrobat Elements. It's a volume
> license solution that starts at 100 seats. Your entire company could
> be set up to use this.

Thanks! You are the second person to refer to this product. I will look
into it, particularly since a few of us use Acrobat Pro and the products
are probably pretty similar in many regards - makes support easier.

One other product I found while googling is www.pdf995.com! This has a
pretty outstanding price for the Enterprise license. Has anybody used
their stuff?


> On 5/21/06, Syed Zaeem Hosain <Syed.Hosain at aeris.net> wrote:
>> Hi, all.
>> Pardon the slightly unrelated to FrameMaker questions, but I am figure
>> I am not too far off the mark here, since you all are likely to be very
>> familiar with similar polices to what I describe here.
>> We are standardizing on a new policy that documents/files sent "outside"
>> the company must be in PDF form only. No Word or Excel (typically) or
>> FrameMaker (of course! :) ) files. And, obviously, it does not include
>> text e-mail!
>> This means that we must install PDF creation software on all our user
>> computers ... including laptops and ones that may not be connected to the
>> Internet at all times.
>> Acrobat Professional is too expensive a solution for this, plus it is
>> overkill for most of our employees. We have some people who only create
>> documents and files in Word or Excel for example.
>> Hence, my questions:
>> 1. What are you all using for PDF file creation?
>> 2. Does it allow forms? I.e., for external folks to fill in fields and
>> send back the form!
>> 3. What would you recommend we do, if you were setting up a similar
>> policy?
>> Thanks!
>> Z
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