Hi, Ann:

I'm running FrameMaker 7.x under Classic on Tiger 10.4.8 on a Powerbook 
Titanium 667mHz, 1GB RAM with no Tiger-specific problems. I can't 
remember if the Tiger I installed on the new replacement hard drive 
included OS 9, or if I dragged a System Folder for OS 9.22 from a backup 

You should also take note that you can install Tiger (or other OS X 
flavor) AND OS 9.x (or other release) on the same drive and choose which 
one to start up with. You can also install and run OSs on external 
drives, and choose to start up from the external drive. You do this in 
OS X by:

* Apple Menu > System Preferences > Start-up Disk (choose a system 9 or 
X folder for start-up and restart)


* As soon as you start an OS X computer, press Option, which presents 
the option to choose a start-up folder (OS 9 or X, if both are present 
on drives that are accessible to the computer.

In OS 9:

Apple Menu > Control Panels > Start Up Disk (choose...then restart.)

One great area of my ignorance is that I don't know which of the many 
new Macs do not support OS 9 and Classic. The geniuses at the Apple 
store can give you definitive information on this.

You can read a lot about this (and other stuff) in David Pogue's 
excellent and thorough "Mac OS X: The Missing Manual" (choose the cat 
version you need.) There's not much he overlooks explaining about common 
and obscure aspects of Mac-ing.


Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices
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> Hi All,
> I have a G5 running Panther that I purchased several years ago. A
> purchased
> an upgrade for one of my applications and it requires OS 10.4 (Tiger) to
> run. I was told by the Apple rep that Tiger would run my OS 9
> applications
> on this machine just fine. Since I do not have the New Mac technology,
> which
> I understand will not run OS 9 appications, I should be OK.
> So I am asking the people on this list that work on Macs if there are
> any
> problems that they have running into running OS 9 applications with
> Tiger. I
> know you all will tell me the UNVARNISHED truth rather than a rep trying
> to
> sell me the software.
> So please let me know of any problems that you have run into with Tiger.
> Thanks All
> Z

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