Tiger for the G5 will run OS 9 applications in Classic. Tiger for the 
Intel Mac does not run Classic applications. So, your G5 running Tiger 
should be fine, as the Apple rep said. We run FrameMaker 7.0 and 
occasionally Quark 4.1 on Tiger. We have not experienced any major 

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> Ann,
>    As far as I'm aware, Tiger does NOT support OS 9 in any form. Mac OS
> X up to somewhere around 10.3 or so WOULD run OS 9 apps in, basically,
> emulation form in what was known as Classic. However, OS X 10.4 dropped
> that provision, as far as I know. But, then again, if an Apple rep told
> you this, it might be true. Was the rep one of the sales phone reps or 
> a
> tech support rep, either at an Apple store or via the phone support? If
> there's an Apple store near you, you might consider dropping in there
> and asking them about your situation. The people staffing Apple's 
> genius
> bar are pretty knowledgeable and, usually, more than willing to help
> out, and NOT just because that's what they get paid for, either!
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> Hi All,
> I have a G5 running Panther that I purchased several years ago. A
> purchased
> an upgrade for one of my applications and it requires OS 10.4 (Tiger) 
> to
> run. I was told by the Apple rep that Tiger would run my OS 9
> applications
> on this machine just fine. Since I do not have the New Mac technology,
> which
> I understand will not run OS 9 appications, I should be OK.
> So I am asking the people on this list that work on Macs if there are
> any
> problems that they have running into running OS 9 applications with
> Tiger. I
> know you all will tell me the UNVARNISHED truth rather than a rep 
> trying
> to
> sell me the software.
> So please let me know of any problems that you have run into with 
> Tiger.
> Thanks All
> Z
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