>    This is intriguing to me. My understanding was that Classic, and
> therefore OS 9, wouldn't run on any of the later machines, particularly
> any Intel-based machines. .....

The confusion comes from whether the computer can BOOT, that is start up, in
OS 9 -- or can it run OS 9 in Classic emulation (while running under OS X).

There is the breakdown:

Intel-based computers cannot run Classic or OS 9 at all.*

Almost all G5 and later-model G4 computers cannot BOOT into OS 9, but CAN
run OS 9 through Classic emulation.

Older G4 and most G3 systems can BOOT into either OS X or OS 9.
Logically, they can run OS 9 in Classic mode as well.

The issue is hardware based. Tiger (OS 10.4.X) has nothing to do with it.
The only requirement for Tiger, if I recall correctly, is that it requires
the computer to have built-in FireWire. (This basically leaves out the old
beige G3 systems.)

*Intel Macs can run Windows apps through a variety of methods.

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