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>When I use Save As to PDF my books, whole chunks of text disappear in the
>PDF file. It appears to be totally random. For instance, one table will
>have several blank rows blank followed by competed rows. I can't ascertain
>a pattern (e.g., a bad paragraph or character tag). This occurs even when
>I use the High Quality and Press Quality job options in Acrobat 7.

Not an answer to Jessica's problem, exactly, but I'm seeing something similar 
with graphics, also never seen before.

I have a book that contains a lot of FrameMaker graphics. Without exception, 
everything within the illustrations *except* the text does not show up on 
screen, is not selectable, and does not show up on PDF. The author's original 
PDF, done from PC FrameMaker, shows the graphical objects as expected.

I've messed with color views to make sure everything's visible, but without 
success so far.

Is there anything that I've overlooked that can make FrameMaker graphical 
objects invisible and non-selectable? It's as if all the components of an 
illustration except the text simply aren't there.

Mac FrameMaker 7.0, Acrobat 6 Pro


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