like Schlomo said "check the PS driver resolution". I followed Dov Isaacs'
recommendations here for the Adobe PDF printer driver instance:

"Properties => Advanced (tab) => Printing Defaults ... (button) => Layout
(tab) => Advanced (button)

    Open trees and make sure that the following are set
    (other options leave at original default settings):

        Graphic => Print Quality => 600dpi

        Why? Gets around known Windows 2000/XP GDI bug associated
        with large point size & high resolution text being converted
        to outlines. Also gets around FrameMaker bug associated with
        higher resolution settings in combination with large page sizes
        (similar bug in other applications as well). Using this setting
        does not restrict the resolution at which the PDF file can
        print and has no known bad effects."

Good luck and best regards

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On 10/15/06, Shlomo Perets <shlomo2 at microtype.com> wrote:
> Jessica,
> You wrote:
> > ... When I use Save As to PDF my books, whole chunks of text disappear
> in the
> > PDF file. It appears to be totally random. For instance, one table will
> > have several blank rows blank followed by competed rows.  ...
> Turn off "Generate Tagged PDF", which may cause some text to be invisible,
> in conjunction with "Save as PDF"
> (see http://www.microtype.com/FM_bugs.html#FM71 for a link to a sample
> file
> demonstrating this problem).
> Better yet, avoid using "Save as PDF" -- instead, print to a .ps file and
> distill.
> If the problem persists, additional items to check are the PS driver
> resolution and (less likely) the fonts being used.
> Shlomo Perets
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