At 14:27 +0100 13/10/06, Steve Rickaby wrote:

>Not an answer to Jessica's problem, exactly, but I'm seeing something similar 
>with graphics, also never seen before.
>I have a book that contains a lot of FrameMaker graphics. Without exception, 
>everything within the illustrations *except* the text does not show up on 
>screen, is not selectable, and does not show up on PDF. The author's original 
>PDF, done from PC FrameMaker, shows the graphical objects as expected.

Ignore this: I've found the problem and fixed it. (Sorry Jessica).

Re. your problem, could it be a font issue? I've never worked with a version of 
FrameMaker in which 'Save as PDF' worked, but I'd guess that whatever it uses, 
and Distiller, could be looking at different populations of fonts.

Or maybe 'Save as PDF' is just still broken in 7.2?


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