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This has to do with the display settings of the PDF file, which could be 
set to "Single Page" or "Continuous", or "Default" (in which case, the 
local user preference, either Single or Continuous, is used).

Both settings may be useful, depending on the type of PDF and intended 
The continuous mode is essential when you want links and bookmarks to 
scroll the page so that the target location is automatically placed at the 

top/left corner of window (rather than just taking you to the destination 
page). This may be highly useful, for example, when you have links in 
pages -- in a single page mode you'll be taken to the page when clicking, 
but you may need to do some exploration to find the specific target.

I tried changing the document properties to single page, but it made no 
difference.  The display still shows with the link in the upper left 
corner, which means my page displays partway up or down the window.
Rick Quattro advised me yesterday that this was normal behavior, and 
suggested I have a look at your Timesavers.  I take it from your response 
that Timesavers can't "fix" this.  Actually, it's never bothered me 
before, but one of my reviewers complained about the display so I told him 
I'd investigate.

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