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>I tried changing the document properties to single page, but it made no
>difference.  The display still shows with the link in the upper left
>corner, which means my page displays partway up or down the window.

If the page cannot be displayed in full, because of the magnification used 
and the page size, Acrobat will scroll up, if needed, to show the 
target  in the upper left -- even if Single Page mode is used. It will not 
scroll up to the extent of showing a portion from the following page, however.

>Rick Quattro advised me yesterday that this was normal behavior, and
>suggested I have a look at your Timesavers.  I take it from your response
>that Timesavers can't "fix" this.  Actually, it's never bothered me
>before, but one of my reviewers complained about the display so I told him
>I'd investigate.

Indeed, TimeSavers can't "fix" this. It is possible technically to add a 
function that will suppress the coordinates info, so that links would point 
to a page rather to than to a specific location on a page. This is the case 
with PDFs authored in InDesign -- bookmarks & links created automatically 
from TOC entries use named destinations which store the page number but not 
the horizontal/vertical coordinates of the specific item within that page. 
I personally think that this is a limitation rather than a feature.

Rick's suggestion relates to the possibility of settings PDF defaults 
automatically upon distilling, with TimeSavers + Defaults Assistant (see for more information).

Shlomo Perets

Training, consulting & add-ons: FrameMaker, Structured FM and Acrobat

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