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> For some strange reason, in Acrobat you can't even _delete_ text
unless you
> have the font installed on your system. Try these two options:
>     1] Right-click on the type and go to Properties.
>         Change the font to one in your system (lower down on the
>         Use the Touchup Text tool to delete the text.
>     2] Try using the Touchup Object and delete the entire text object.
>         Be careful with this option as it might delete more than you
> David Creamer

There is a very simple workaround for the problem of DELETING
text in font that doesn't allow editing privileges.

It turns out that there is ONE operation that IS allowed for
such text. You are still allowed to change the font to any
font that you have installed on your system that does allow
editable embedding. Change the font from, let's say "Glurbish
Modern" (a font that obviously doesn't allow editing) to 
let's say "Inebriated Oblique" (a font that probably doesn't
care if it is embedded or whatever). Once the font change is
made from Glurbish Modern to Inebriated Oblique, you can delete
the characters that are now in Inebriated Oblique without any

        - Dov  

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