>> For some strange reason, in Acrobat you can't even _delete_ text
>> unless you have the font installed on your system. Try these two options:
>>     1] Right-click on the type and go to Properties.
>>         Change the font to one in your system (lower down on the list).
>>         Use the Touchup Text tool to delete the text.>
> There is a very simple workaround for the problem of DELETING
> text in font that doesn't allow editing privileges.
> It turns out that there is ONE operation that IS allowed for
> such text. You are still allowed to change the font to any
> font that you have installed on your system that does allow
> editable embedding. Change the font from, let's say "Glurbish
> Modern" (a font that obviously doesn't allow editing) to
> let's say "Inebriated Oblique" (a font that probably doesn't
> care if it is embedded or whatever). Once the font change is
> made from Glurbish Modern to Inebriated Oblique, you can delete
> the characters that are now in Inebriated Oblique without any
> problem.
Dov, isn't this basically what I said, or am I missing something (which is
entirely possible)?

Dave Creamer

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