Hello All,

Thanks to everyone who helped me with the problem that I had with my .chm
file, in which it seemed to have jumped from ~13MB to ~43MB in one

After going through the files thoroughly, it seems that the culprits were
graphics that I saved as .bmps, instead of .gifs.  After a few simple
calculations, I found that these graphics added ~30MB to the total .chm file

My manager would like to save space wherever possible and has asked that I
reduce the size of the larger graphics and thus the size of my help file.
At this point I don't see any way of fixing this other than redoing the

Click through our software application
Recapture the graphics in question, saving them as .gifs
Insert the graphics into my FM file
Regenerate the project in WWP

Is there a batch process that I can use to change these graphics from .bmp
to .gif in WW, or do I have to do this in the source files (FM)?



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