We have a bunch of Dell Latitudes here too. They work very well!
My current machine is an Alienware super-fast laptop. You might
convince your IT department to get that - since Alienware is now
owned by Dell! :)

Anyway, one of Dell's high-end laptops, with at least 1GB of RAM
(more preferred - memory is cheap) will do just fine for FrameMaker.

I use an external 24" LCD monitor (a Dell 2405) for editing when
I am not traveling. On the road, the 17" wide-screen LCD works
well. My older Dell D810 had a 15" wide-screen LCD and that was
pretty good too. Resolution is 1920 x 1200 on all these screens.


John Posada wrote:
> Hi, Loren...we use Dells. No complaints. I'm writing on a Latitude
> right now.
> Just get any laptop from their Small Business category. You'll want
> at least a GB of ram and 80GB or more of HD. The configurations they
> sell handle everything on your list. 
> --- "Loren R. Elks" <lelks at exstream.com> wrote:
>> Hi:
>> My department is considering replacing our Windows desktop PCs with
>> laptops.  Our IT department buys all of our hardware from Dell. 
>> This is something we can't change.
> John Posada
> Senior Technical Writer
> "I think the problem, to be quite honest with you, is that you've never 
> actually known what the question is."
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