A lot of companies are doing this, including my current company and one of
the ones I worked for recently.

I'm currently using a company-provided Dell Lattitude D600.  The
standard-issue version has only a half GB of RAM. While it "works" I would
also recommend at least a GB, especially if you plan to run multiple apps at
the same time.  I also recommend that you ask for a wireless card,
particularly if your company has a WLAN.  It also helps when you are offsite
and have access to WLAN and also can access the company LAN via VPN.

If you can afford a large screen laptop like the Dell D800, the extra real
estate makes it a lot easier to work when you are using the laptop
standalone.  There are two drawbacks, however:  The batteries do not last as
long and they take up more room on a tray table while flying.  No room for a
mouse.  They are also a bit heavier.

If you have large monitors on your desks now and if you can keep them, ask
IT to order a docking station for your laptop.  The docking station makes it
very easy to work at your desk and use the large monitor and a standard
kayboard and mouse, and still take the laptop to Starbuc... um, I mean to
meetings or home. :-)



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Hi, Loren...we use Dells. No complaints. I'm writing on a Latitude
right now.

Just get any laptop from their Small Business category. You'll want
at least a GB of ram and 80GB or more of HD. The configurations they
sell handle everything on your list.

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> Hi:
> My department is considering replacing our Windows desktop PCs with
> laptops.  Our IT department buys all of our hardware from Dell.
> This is something we can't change.

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