Well, this is slightly dangerous, because I don't use or have
MathType, but I can assure you that FM supports EPS imports. However,
I would import the graphic as a .PDF. You could print the equation to
an Acrobat Distiller logical printer, or use Distiller to create the
.PDF from the EPS file.

Be aware that it is possible to create an EPS file (just as it is a
PDF) without embedding fonts, which may be the cause of your "missing
symbols" problem. In either format, you must embed the fonts.

Once you have a good EPS or PDF, in FM, put your cursor where you want
the anchor, like at the end of a paragraph. Then try importing the EPS
graphic using File > Import > File (importing by reference is the
preferred method). It'll pop into an anchored frame.


On 4/6/07, Gabrielle Burns <gburns at breault.com> wrote:
> I am using MathType 5 to create equations (the FM equation editor is not
> robust enough), saving them as *.gif files, and importing them to FM into an
> anchored frame. The issue is that the text elements and sub/superscripts
> look fuzzy. They look even worse after converting to Adobe PDF.
> I also tried saving the MathType file as *.eps (an archived message
> indicated this was possible). FM 7.2 does not accept importing *.eps into an
> anchored frame. I tried copying the equation from MathType and pasting it
> into FM. It accepts the text and super/subscripts, but not the symbols.
> So, whether I use *.gif or *.eps, half the equation does not render
> completely.

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