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> I am using MathType 5 to create equations (the FM equation editor is not
> robust enough), saving them as *.gif files

GIF is not a very good print graphic format.

> I also tried saving the MathType file as *.eps (an archived message
> indicated this was possible). FM 7.2 does not accept importing *.eps into
> anchored frame.

In what way does it not accept them? I've been using EPS files in Framemaker
since version 3. EPS is troublesome because it displays poorly (in just
about any app except Indesign, not just Frame), but it prints nicely (to a
Postscript printer) and it distills to PDF nicely (so you can print to a
non-PS printer). It is important (on PC) to save with a preview. I use TIFF.

ISTR problems with the Type 1 Euclid fonts that come with Mathtype. This had
nothing to do with Frame (I was actually working in Ventura when I ran into
this). My solution was to use the Truetype version of Euclid.

What was it about the Frame Equation builder that was lacking?

Kenneth Benson
Pegasus Type, Inc.

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