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> Tried importing the EPS file, created in MathType 5, either into an
> frame or at the end of a paragraph in FM - an error message states it
> import the graphic and shows only a gray box.

Are you sure the error says it cannot import the graphic? Maybe the error
says it cannot *display* the graphic?

EPS files need a preview in order to display in Frame. Even so, an EPS file
saved without a preview will print to a Postscript printer or a PDF.

Try going back to Mathtype, save your equation to an EPS file, and make sure
you include a TIFF preview. In Mathtype 4, this is Save As Type:
Encapsulated Postscript/TIFF. Then go to Frame and use File > Import File.

I would avoid OLE.

Kenneth Benson
Pegasus Type, Inc.

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