You can have as many as you want. It depends on your software. How many buttons 
do you have that point to different topics. If you have 10 help buttons that 
point to ten aliases, then you can have 10 topics. You need your software 
engineer to generate a resource.h file for you. That will tell you how many 
aliases the software has. Then you can create topic markers for all of the 
aliases and place them whereever you want. Go to the WebWorks help and search 
on context-sensitive help.

You can also join the webworks help group on yahoo.



From: on behalf of 
Gross, Karen
Sent: Tue 4/10/2007 12:33 PM
To: framers at
Subject: FrameMaker files and CHM

Dear Framers,


Is it a requirement to assign one TopicAlias marker per FrameMaker file
in order to generate a context-sensitive CHM file using WebWorks
ePublisher Pro? I understand that the marker needs to be placed in a pgf
tag that starts a new page, but I thought I could have more than one
marker per file.

I'm using FM 7.2b144 and WWeP v9.2.


Karen J. Gross

Sr. Technical Writer

Hurco Companies, Inc.

317-298-2637 ext. 2102


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