WWP will generate a separate HTM file per heading (that is defined for
starting a new topic). The TopicAlias marker provides the name of the
HTM file.
Only the generated HTM files should interest your developer - it
should not matter to him/her whether the FrameMaker source is in a
single file or in multiple files.


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On 4/10/07, Gross, Karen <GrossK at hurco.com> wrote:
> Sorry, the software to which I was referring is the application for
> which we're providing context-sensitive help.
> I haven't found any documentation stating anything about needing to
> break up the FM files per topic. Our software developer claims it's
> necessary, and our tests on the machine control prove him to be correct.
> I suspect the problem is with our control's software. At the very least,
> I'm missing something that will make it all work.
> We're using a custom .h file that holds our topic IDs and the control
> screen IDs (Map IDs).  Example: #define IDH_ScreenName 123. The text is
> the same as what we put in the TopicAlias marker. The screen ID is the
> number assigned to the screen by the software developers.

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